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LinkedIn groups are great, but posts can get automatically stuck in moderation due to LinkedIn’s new algorithms and move down the list so fast they don’t get much, if any, notice. It has become a challenging way to generate leads.


"Problems are seeds for solutions and success is the fruit."
Abraham Venismach
Editor in Chief, CX&S Magazine


We solve this by delivering your valuable branded content (i.e. white papers, videos, webinars and ebooks) directly to our daily growing network of soon to be more than 200,000 customer focused members. Your branded content is also the sticky featured post for the week! In other words; No sliding down the list and disappearing as fast as it’s posted or stuck in moderation! Your valuable content is the first thing they see.

In addition to that, members are being moved to the new Customer Experience & Service Magazine where we have complete control, giving your brand additional exposure on our promotional material, website, emails and other media related to the online magazine.

Start Getting Leads Now!
Since we already have one of the largest customer experience and service network (possibly the largest), your brand and content can enjoy immediate lead generation!

For example: ( has been enjoying a healthy lead generation through our network for close to a year and continuing forward. Now you can too!

Your Brand will Enjoy Authority by Association

The magazine is being dripped out in stages giving you more opportunity to attach authority and trust to your brand. Your brand will be associated with world class experts as we release their very valuable and respected content during the build up to the launch… Plus you will be able to send additional content too!

Our Subject Matter Experts have been Featured on:


and are Best Selling Authors on CX and Service!


Imagine the Possibilities with

  • Sent 1x Per month to members CSP and MECSS 200K Members!
  • Featured Item on CSP and MECSS for 1 week


  • Updates
  • Drip content


You may also provide us with one item per month of value to send to the CX&S subscribers!

Where else could you get this kind of access to a fast growing community of hundreds of thousands of potential clients? We only have 3 spots left of this amazing offer, so reserve yours now before your competitor does! YIKES!

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CX&S was inspired after two of the top1 customer focused LinkedIn groups joined forces to provide their members an even greater variety of information, best practices and networking opportunities.  Customer Service Professionals and Making Excellent Customer Service the Standard have a combined membership of nearly 200,000.  In addition, Steve Zannos and Abraham Venismach have over 30 years of customer service and over 15 years of LinkedIn group ownership experience.

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